Meditation Therapy & Holistic Counselling

Graduate-Only Certificates

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20 Specialist Courses

Graduates of the 12-week Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Health can choose from 20 Specialist Certificates to upskill and specialise in key areas of interest. Specialist Certificates are online, self-paced, and fully supported by a dedicated trainer.

Graduate-Only Certificates - 80 study hours - 4-8 weeks - $660 each
Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling
Holistic Counselling

This course delves into the practicalities of holistic counselling therapy. It focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as ethical aspects of holistic counselling.

Certificate in Holistic Grief & Loss Counselling
Holistic Counselling

Holistic Grief and Loss Counsellors are able to provide clients with coping skills, emotional support, and resources to help them through the grieving process.

Certificate in Holistic Relationship Counselling
Holistic Counselling

Learn the skills required to counsel couples, families, siblings and others involved in close relationships who are seeking assistance to overcome difficulties in the relationship.

Certificate in Holistic Therapies for PTSD
Holistic Counselling

Explore what PTSD is, how it is recorded in the brain, and how it affects the development of the cells, and discover effective ways for supporting your clients.

Certificate in Holistic Trauma & Abuse Counselling
Holistic Counselling

Trauma and Abuse Counselling works to assist people whose lives have been adversely affected through being abused or traumatised either physically and/or psychologically. 

Certificate in Holistic Telehealth Counselling
Holistic Counselling

Online therapy has become a very popular modality. This course prepares students to offer safe and effective telehealth holistic counselling sessions for clients.

Certificate in Nervous System Realignment Therapy
Holistic Counselling

Based on clinical evidence, this course explores the link between the way we chose to think, the neurochemicals those mental states determines, and how chemical imbalances cause disease. 

Certificate in Brain Body Medicine
Holistic Counselling

This course explores why people can find themselves ‘trapped’ in old belief systems, negative thinking and habitual ideas that do not contribute to living happy or healthy lives. 

Certificate in Inner Child Work (childhood trauma)
Holistic Counselling

Inner child work is a way of effectively identifying and resolving childhood trauma. It focuses on the unconscious beliefs resulting from childhood experiences. 

Certificate in Meditation for Children
Meditation Therapy

Teaching meditation to children is very different from teaching adults and offers young people a fantastic grounding towards a lifetime of health and happiness.

Certificate in Prenatal Meditation
Meditation Therapy

Prenatal meditation contributes significantly to a more peaceful, faster and less painful birthing experience, and creates a calmer & happier mum & baby.

Certificate in Meditation for Women’s Midlife Health
Meditation Therapy

This course focuses on supporting women in transition, guiding them with tools that assist in developing self-love, empowerment, inner strength, trust, joy and forgiveness. 

Certificate in Meditation for Men’s Holistic Health
Meditation Therapy

This course explores the issues men face in our modern society, including men’s roles & rites of passage, fatherhood, and health, as well as how to run men's workshops.

Certificate in Meditation for Weight Management
Meditation Therapy

This course explores underlying weight problems, eating disorders, obesity, and the emotional impact this has on people’s health and quality of life 

Certificate in Meditation for Depression & Anxiety
Meditation Therapy

This course provides people with the tools required to self-manage depression and anxiety as well as better manage stress in their daily lives through meditation.

Certificate in Meditation for Pain & Healing
Meditation Therapy

Modern research has confirmed the age-old wisdom that meditation can cure many physical and psychological ailments. This training  specialises in pain & recovery.

Certificate in Elemental Movement Meditation
Meditation Therapy

Experience the benefits of movement meditation, and learn how to facilitate courses and workshops for a range of different groups to encourage authentic self-expression.

Certificate in Sound Therapy & Vibrational Healing
Meditation Therapy

Sound Therapy acts as a catalyst for healing by transferring energy frequencies into the physical body. Learn how and why this therapy works and how to use it with clients.

Certificate in The ART of Meditation
Meditation Therapy

Creating art is a natural vehicle for meditation that can have fast and profound healing benefits, and can be used where talk therapy is ineffective. 

Certificate in Corporate Stress Management
Meditation Therapy

This course explores the impact of workplace stress and how to build stress management programs as a Corporate Stress Management Consultant.

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"Thank you, I truly enjoyed every aspect of this course. I have started the Meditation for Children course, and I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable." R. N.

"Thank you for all your support. The practitioner kit is AMAZING!!!" Bree