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Advanced Certificate in Meditation & Holistic Counselling

Fully Accredited Meditation Teacher & Holistic Counsellor

Quick facts

  • Graduate in 6-12 Months – 360 Hours of Study
  • 100% Online with Practical Live Sessions (recorded)
  • Evidence-Based Curriculum – where science meets spirit!
  • Comprehensive & multi-award winning program
  • Qualify in Brain-Body Medicine & Autonomic Nervous System Realignment
  • Gain advanced Holistic Counselling skills
  • Use the Initials: Adv.Med.Teach.Hol.Couns. after your name

Course fee info

  • Start studying at just $94.55 per week!
  • Course fee is $2,095 if paid in FULL on enrolment (SAVE $315)
  • Course fee is $2,410 if PAYMENT PLAN option chosen ($300 deposit to be paid on enrolment)
  • PAYMENT PLAN weekly fee is $94.55 paid across 22 weeks

Benefits of studying with us

  • Awards – Multi-Award-Winning Curriculum (3 years in a row!)
  • Industry-Approved – Courses meet the requirements of 5 international associations, which graduates can join.
  • Membership Discounts – Free 1-year IMTTA practitioner registration & 20% OFF your first year of IICT registration.
  • Insurance – Graduates can obtain Professional Insurance to work legally in more than 20 countries.
  • Supported the WHOLE Way – We are determined to help our students succeed! We don’t just sign you up and leave you to it. We are committed to your ongoing learning and development. 
  • Practitioner Support Network – Graduates also receive FREE ongoing support via the Practitioner Support Network.
  • 100% online – Delivered via an easy-to-use learning platform – study at home, at your own pace.
  • Assessments – Submitted online with regular feedback provided by your trainer.
  • Live Training – via Zoom with your trainer (recorded for those who cannot make it).
  • Business & Marketing Modules – To support you launch and grow your own business.
  • Postgraduate Study Options – Access to graduate-only certificates to upskill in areas of specialist interest.

What you will study

Graduate with the following industry-approved qualifications:

  1. Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Health
  2. Advanced Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development

PLUS the below Postgraduate Certificates:

  1. Certificate in Brain-Body Medicine
  2. Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy
  3. Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling

Units of study

Unit One: Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development (120 hours)

  • Module 1: Foundation Studies in Meditation
  • Module 2: Understanding the Cause & Effects of Stress
  • Module 3: Foundations of Human Happiness
  • Module 4: Tools for Healing
  • Module 5: Meditation Styles & Techniques
  • Module 6: Teaching Skills
  • Module 7: Working with Specific Groups
  • Module 8: Counselling & Coaching Skills for Meditation Teachers
  • Module 9: Designing & Facilitating Classes & Workshops
  • Module 10: Virtual, Corporate, & Community Settings 
  • Module 11: Holistic Small Business Management
  • Module 12: Marketing - The Key to Success

Unit Two: Certificate in Brain-Body Medicine (80 hours)

  • Introduction to Brain Body Medicine (Psychophysiology)
  • The Role of the Brain Body Therapist (Psychophysiology Therapist) 
  • Introduction to Brain Body Medicine
  • The Physiology of Belief
  • Traumatic Beliefs
  • The Power to Heal
  • The Faith Factor and How to Provide it
  • Providing Evidence for Your Clients
  • Placebo – The Science Behind Brain Body Medicine
  • Diagnosis and Seeking the Cause of Illness
  • Guiding Clients to Self-diagnose and Healing
  • Psychophysiology Diagnostic Tools
  • How to Work with Damaging Belief Systems and Conditioning
  • Medical Meditation
  • Writing the Prescription
  • Tools for the Psychophysiology Therapist
  • Marketing Your Brain Body Therapy Practice
  • Building Clientele
  • Referring and Networking

Recommended Reading:

  1. Mind Over Medicine: Heal Your Thoughts Cure Your Body by Lissa Rankin MD  
  2. Meditation as Medicine: Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force by Dharma Singh Khalsa MD

Unit Three: Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy (80 hours)

  • How will you be able to use autonomic nervous system reprogramming
  • The study of the ANS (autonomic nervous system)
  • Language
  • The three brains
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • Neurochemicals
  • The endocrine system
  • The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • The Amygdala
  • The Central Nervous System (CNS)
  • The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • What a nerve consists of
  • The evolution of human consciousness
  • Homeostasis
  • The heart brain
  • The Gut-Brain
  • Reprogramming the autonomic nervous system by changing our perceptions and beliefs
  • Finding beliefs to change
  • Belief-changing technique Marketing Your Brain Body Therapy Practice 

Recommended Reading:

  1. Beyond the Relaxation Response: How to Harness the Healing Power of Your Personal Beliefs by Herbert Benson MD
  2. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles by Bruce H. Lipton PHD

Unit Four: Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling (80 hours)

  • Introduction to Advanced Holistic Counselling
  • Seeing Clients – Individual and Group Therapy
  • Humanistic Psychology
  • Emotions and Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling and Counselling for Couples
  • Counselling Young Adults
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Counselling Clients with Depression
  • Running Group Counselling and Therapy Sessions
  • Fight or Flight and the Relaxation Response Review
  • Powerful Tools for Holistic Counselling
  • Creative Expression Therapy  

Recommended Reading: The Games People Play by Eric Berne PhD

Who should do this course?

  • Those wanting to become Meditation Teachers and/or Holistic Counsellors by either starting their own business, or working at an established wellness centre.
  • Those wishing to master their own meditation and mindfulness practice.
  • Those wanting to start a new career in the booming mental health and wellbeing industry.
  • Those who would like learn scientifically proven holistic therapies for their own personal growth and development.
  • Suitable for all ages over 18 years, including mature-age students.
  • No previous experience or qualifications required.

 Graduates will possess the confidence and expertise to facilitate the following:

  • Meditation classes & programs
  • Guided meditations
  • Meditation retreats
  • Private meditation therapy sessions
  • Workplace stress programs
  • Specialist meditation programs for teens, & people with disabilities
  • Holistic counselling sessions with individuals & groups
Course Overview
Duration: 6-12 months
Study hours: 360
Units: 4
Course level: Adv. Cert
Course cost: $2,095
Gain: 2 qualifications & 3 certificates
Access to: 20 graduate-only certificates

There is NO other course that you can do that has the ability to CHANGE YOUR CAREER, INSTANTLY!!! There is simply NOTHING else you could possibly need to start your own holistic wellbeing practice!"

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