Frequently Asked Questions

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How many hours of study is required each week?
Part-time students will need to set aside 10 hours of study time each week to complete a course on time. Full-time students will need to set aside 20 hours of study time each week to complete a course on time.
How will I be assessed? Are there exams?

Mindful Institute courses have been designed so that students of all academic levels can complete the programs. Students do not sit exams or complete lengthy essays (exception is the Master Practitioner of Holistic Counselling program).

Assessments have been designed to determine the student's understanding and comprehension of the topics covered. Assessment activities include short to medium answers to questions, basic research, journaling and reflection. 

Students are assessed throughout their chosen training course for:

  • Completion of all activities
  • Comprehension of course content
  • Complying with and following given timeframes
  • Completion of all the module submission forms
  • Academic and personal growth throughout the training course
How long do I have to complete my studies?

Courses can be completed on a full-time or  part-time schedule. Please refer to the relevant course to determine timeframes. Please note: A student may apply for an extension or deferral in extenuating circumstances only.

What technology/equipment do I need to complete the course?
You will need access to a computer, laptop or iPad/tablet with a secure internet connection. A moderate level of computer literacy (sending emails, internet searching, uploading documents) is required. You will also need to be able to open and read PDFs and use Zoom if you wish to attend the online masterclasses.
Are your courses government approved?

The modalities delivered through the Mindful Institute are professional-level practitioner training courses and are industry approved. These modalities are non-government-regulated. Therefore accreditation and approval are provided through established industry associations. The courses offered at Mindful Institute do not lead to government-regulated higher education awards. The modalities we teach are all industry-regulated, and we comply with those standards.   

Can I get a student loan or payment plan?

Mindful Institute does not offer student loans and our courses are not eligible for HECS-HELP. However, courses are priced competitively, with a discount for paying course fees upfront. Payment plans are also available for students with weekly payments of under$99.

Are the weekly online masterclasses compulsory?

No. Although we believe an element of face-to-face training enhances students' learning, it is not compulsory to attend the weekly online masterclasses, and students are not 'marked down' for not attending. All masterclasses are recorded so students are able to watch in their own time if required.

What is the difference between traditional vs holistic counselling?

Holistic counselling focuses on the WHOLE person. Holistic Counsellors regard the mind, body, and spirit as fundamentally interconnected. Traditional counselling tends to focus on the individual's mental health and seeks to identify and resolve a particular 'problem'. The focus of holistic counselling is broader – it considers the 'issue' at hand as part of a more complex, multi-faceted system.

Why is meditation study in all your courses?

No healing can happen while a person is in the fight-or-flight response. Therefore, meditation and mindfulness are a core component of all Mindful Institute courses. Meditation helps to reduce the fight-or-flight response, so that holistic counselling and therapies can be used more effectively.

How much student support is given?

Each student is assigned a dedicated trainer on enrolment. Students are in regular contact with their trainer as part of the ongoing assessment process. Students are required to submit regular answers to questions, which their trainer reads and provides feedback on. Trainers are also available for questions at the weekly online masterclasses, or via email between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri Melbourne/Sydney time.

How do I ask questions if I get stuck?

Students are able to contact their dedicated trainer via email anytime between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (Melbourne/Sydney time). Students can also ask questions at the weekly online masterclasses.